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Carnforth Chamber News

This is where to find news and updates from Carnforth and District Chamber of Trade.

If you would like to contact the Chamber please use the contact page on this website or ring the secretary on 07986 838505.

Carnforth Business EXPO

We are thrilled to announce that we are holding our very Business EXPO on the 23rd March 2024.

This will be an exciting opportunity to bring local businesses together to showcase their products, services to our local and visiting audiences.

Space is limited so get in touch to book your stall now! Email Alison at

O2 Mobile Phone Signal Outage

6th December 2022 - There continues to be problems with the mobile phone signal for O2 devices in Carnforth. For more information on how long this is likely to last you are advised to contact O2. Their website currently gives the message 

Sorry, a phone mast close to you isn't working. Looks like a phone mast near to you isn't working as it should, sorry. Our engineers are on the case and making progress but your service might come and go until we fix it. We'll update you by Sunday 18th December 2022.

O2 have not been providing a service to their mobile customers for some few days previously. This message is not much comfort if you are trying to run a business and have committed to their service.

A6 Road Closure Update

There was a meeting via Microsoft Teams on 20th September with Lancashire County Council, Carnforth Town Council and Carnforth and District Chamber of Trade present. The subject of the meeting was the roadworks that will be taking place on the A6 in Carnforth from 26th September until 7th October.

The works are necessary to connect the new housing development under construction on Scotland Road to essential services. The A6 will be closed at the railway bridge. It is necessary to close the road because of the narrowness of the bridge. It is not possible to keep the works to one side and allow traffic the other side. This is because high vehicles have to go into the centre of the road.

At the same time as the road closure, there will be four way temporary traffic lights at the junction of the A6 and Market Street. This is to allow works by United Utilities associated with the same housing project. It was considered that it was better to get all the works over in one hit rather than being on separate occasions. This way the disruption can be over in one fortnight rather than two lots of disruption.

The Chamber of Trade emphasised the detrimental affect the works will have on businesses in Carnforth. This is not just retail and hospitality businesses but also those on and around the Ironworks industrial area. Carnforth Town Council supported the Chamber of Trade in saying the works must be carried out and finished on time. Lancashire County Council agreed with this completely and said they will be closely monitoring the works to ensure the shortest possible period of disruption is experienced by Carnforth businesses and residents.


A further meeting has been scheduled for 28th September. The purpose of this if for reporting particular problems with traffic and access and to ensure that measures being employed to minimise problems are working and to adjust those measures if necessary. The Town Council and the Chamber of Trade will be important monitors of the situation as it unfolds.

The Chamber of Trade continues to consider the Scotland Road housing development as being a positive move for Carnforth's future. It is anticipated that the new dwellings and their residents will be beneficial for the town's future. Although unwelcome, it is envisioned that the forthcoming disruption will result in a good outcome for Carnforth in the long run. 

October Meeting of Carnforth Chamber of Trade

The October meeting of Carnforth and District Chamber of Trade will be held on Monday 10th October and will start at 17:30. The meeting will be held at Carrington's Coffee Co. Unit 14C Keer Park, Warton Road, Carnforth LA5 9FG. This will be an opportunity to meet with Alex and Suzie the people behind our local coffee roastery and to try their delicious coffee.

A6 Road Closure

We have been informed by Carnforth Town Council of a road closure of the A6 from 30th September to 9th October. This is to lay gas, water and pumping under the bridge from the new housing estate.

There are some obvious questions which come to mind when considering this.

- Why was the work not done when the road was recently dug up? It seems the trench that has just been filled in is to be re-created.

- Are the works going to be 9-5 Monday - Friday or are they going to work 24 hours to try to complete the work as soon as possible?

- Are they going to do the section under the bridge first and then do the rest which does not require a complete closure later?

A member of the Chamber of Trade has been in touch with their concern that heavy vehicles will be using the bridge over the canal on Kellet Road. In addition, people will be using North Road as a route around the works. This is not a suitable road for increased traffic.

September Meeting

The September meeting of Carnforth and District Chamber of Trade will be at the Royal Station Hotel, Carnforth at 5:30pm on Monday 12th September. All members are welcome to attend.

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